Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Rab3i? (ربعي)
Rab3i, the Emirati word for “My Friends”, is an inclusive buddying program that pairs People of Determination and volunteers, based on their shared interests. Rab3i facilitates and encourages the buddies to enjoy social activities and experiences in the Abu Dhabi community to build long lasting friendships. 
2Who supports us?
Rab3i was initiated as part of the Maan Social Incubator Program (MSI). It was selected as 1 of the 10 incubated social enterprises under the Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an, an Abu Dhabi government entity.
3Who can participate with Rab3i?
Rab3i is open primarily to the entire Abu Dhabi community, both citizens and residents. All participants (people of determination and volunteers) will ideally be over the age of 18. Given a lot of interest in the neighboring Emirates, we will do our best to support PODs and volunteers outside Abu Dhabi when possible.
4Do volunteers receive training?
Yes. All volunteers receive expert training and will be equipped with the right tools to support and enable them to safely enjoy the Rab3i experience
5What is the pairing process?
Onceregistrations are submitted, the Rab3i team analyzes them to identify potential matches. Next, the team meets with the Person of Determination and the volunteer individually to get to know them better and to understand if any support is required. Just before their first outing, the pair receive an expert-designed training to ensure that the buddies are ready for their journey together.
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