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Creating lasting friendships and making People of Determination part of the community.

Who We Are

Rab3i(ربعي) is a social enterprise founded by citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi with the aim of promoting social inclusion for People of Determination in the city. The platform is a not for profit initiative that was established with the support of the Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an, an Abu Dhabi government entity. Rab3i was incubated with Ma’an as an idea, and developed into the platform that it is today.

Rab3i is the Emirati word for “My Friends”. It is an inclusive buddying platform that pairs People of Determination and volunteers based on their shared interests. We seek to increase inclusion of People of Determination in the community and decrease the stigma towards them by enabling them to enjoy all the opportunities available in their community through the lifestyle of their choosing. The platform also provides opportunity to the wider community to share their passions with others and incorporate volunteering into their regular lifestyle.


An inclusive community where People of Determination (POD) are fully socially integrated in our community and can enjoy a life of their choosing.


While Abu Dhabi is host to several initiatives that target People of Determination, they focus on building relationships and attending activities within the social-circle of People of Determination, and lack the integration of People of Determination with the extended community. Rab3i strives to become the primary platform through which POD develop meaningful relationships with the wider community

Meet the Team

The team is a true representation of the Abu Dhabi community with a cultural mix of Emiratis and residents.

Kamilah Khatib


By day, Kamilah is a civil servant working for the Abu Dhabi Government specialising on public policy. When off duty Kamilah enjoys

everything outdoor including mountaineering, climbing, caving, running, diving and biking. She is active in the Abu Dhabi social community and volunteers with SEDRA, Ramdan Aman, #theADmovement, The Special Olympics and ocean’s clean up campaigns.

Abeer Amiri


Abeer is an athlete, a crossfit coach, a runner and outdoor enthusiast. A co-founder of a community platform (#theADmovement). She passionate

about supporting Abu Dhabi’s social sector."

Omar Aldhiyebi


Omar is the man behind regional sports the leading football academy in the UAE. Omar is already experiencing the Rab3i initiative through his friendship with Hamad,

an enthusiastic young man with Down syndrome who found in Omar his best friend.

Abdallah Seiari


Abdallah has a background in law. Outside his work, he enjoys the outdoors off-roading or on his motorbike. He represented the UAE in several

Expos around the world and accumulated hundred of volunteering hours in Abu Dhabi.

Clari Lehmkuhl

Inclusion Officer

Clari Lehmkuhl is a 29 year old South African who has been living in Abu Dhabi with her family for 14 years. She is a qualified Zumba instructor. She is the only Down Syndrome Zumba instructor

in the UAE and is licensed to teach Zumba, Zumba kids and Jr, Aqua zumba and Zumba Gold. Clari has been involved in many events here in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Clari was also the only female tennis player representing the UAE at the recently held Special Olympics. She loves staying fit and enjoys meeting new people and her motto is with hard work, anything is possible."

Khouloud Awad

Social Media Manager

Khouloud hails from Lebanon and she likes going on micro adventures and exploring new areas in the UAE and the region.

She has worked around the world including the Union of Comoros, Lebanon and the UAE in the fields of translation, event management, marketing and volunteered with several social and environmental initiatives. Khouloud was part of Special Olympics World Games local organizing committee where she worked in Technology planning & venue technology management."

Oscar Bray

Story Teller

Oscar is a storytelling intern at Rab3i, and a rising senior student at NYU Abu Dhabi. He was born and raised in Hong Kong but his parents are from Australia.

He’s majoring in Literature and Creative Writing with a minor in philosophy, and in his spare time enjoys writing short stories, poetry and op-eds for various publications. He is also a self-taught illustrator and is currently working on creating a graphic novel. He’s passionate about art in all forms, especially work that looks at queer theory and mental health. When he isn’t writing or reading, he likes walking, watching YouTube videos, playing Magic: The Gathering and napping.

Chisom Ezeifemeelu

Community Engagement

Chisom is an NYU Abu Dhabi junior majoring in Economics. She is passionate about entrepreneurship, marketing, and digital content creation. She also serves as content creator for RemotePass.

Previously, Chisom ran a college advice blog, and was a student assistant to the NYUAD Office of Social Responsibility. She likes to spend her free time talking or researching about digital media and entrepreneurship, watching baking shows, and enjoying good food. She believes in the importance of community, and she hopes her work with Rab3i will show that.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Rab3i? (ربعي)
Rab3i, the Emirati word for “My Friends”, is an inclusive buddying program that pairs People of Determination and volunteers, based on their shared interests. Rab3i facilitates and encourages the buddies to enjoy social activities and experiences in the Abu Dhabi community to build long lasting friendships. 
2Who supports us?
Rab3i was initiated as part of the Maan Social Incubator Program (MSI). It was selected as 1 of the 10 incubated social enterprises under the Authority of Social Contribution – Ma’an, an Abu Dhabi government entity.
3Who can participate with Rab3i?
Rab3i is open to the entire UAE community, both citizens and residents. All participants (people of determination and volunteers) will ideally be over the age of 18.
4Do volunteers receive training?
Yes. All volunteers receive expert training and will be equipped with the right tools to support and enable them to safely enjoy the Rab3i experience
5What is the pairing process?
Once registrations are submitted, the Rab3i team analyzes them to identify potential matches. Next, the team meets with the Person of Determination and the volunteer individually to get to know them better and to understand if any support is required. Just before their first outing, the pair receive an expert-designed training to ensure that the buddies are ready for their journey together.
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