About Rab3i

Rab3i is the Emirati word for “My Friends”. It is an inclusive buddying platform that pairs People of Determination and volunteers based on their shared interests. We seek to increase inclusion of People of Determination in the community and decrease the stigma towards them by enabling them to enjoy all the opportunities available in their community through the lifestyle of their choosing. The platform also provides opportunity to the wider community to share their passions with others and incorporate volunteering into their regular lifestyle

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How It Works

Rab3i facilitates establishing friendships between People of Determination and volunteers in the community, based on shared interests. Once registrations are submitted, the Rab3i team analyzes them to identify potential matches. Next, the team meets with the Person of Determination and the volunteer individually to get to know them better and to understand if any support is required. Just before their first outing, the pair receive an expert-designed training to ensure that the buddies are ready for their journey together.


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